Sand River Waterfall Hike

This is a Bucket List event for sure!! Imagine an awesome adventure hike that leads you up a river, over rocks, through 7 crystal clear rock pools and reeds 8 feet tall, ending at an incredible pool and waterfall where you can chill, jump off rocks and get a free massage from the flowing water. This hike takes approximately 5 hours in total. All hikers must be able to swim and tread water, and all hikers must have a permit to enter the property. Permits are only available through Sand River Getaway, and entry in controlled due to the delicate balance of nature in the reserve, and high fire risk. 

Group hikes are organised by San River Getaway twice a month during summer, and dates for these hikes are posted on our Facebook page events page.

If you have a group of friends 10 or more, and would like to arrange a private guided hike to the Waterfall, email us and we will gladly facilitate your request! 


Explore the magnificence of the Elandsriver Valley by our well traveled and easy to navigate mountain trail. Sand River Getaway offers one of this regions most diverse and challenging hiking trails, perfect for mountain biking, trail running, or just a wandering meander. Walk or run up over the hills while enjoying the natural fynbos and birds under the Groot-Winterhoekberge Mountains 

The trail is conveniently divided into three distances, each one with it's own level of difficulty, thereby catering to all levels of fitness. From our easy and very enjoyable 4km forest walk; the more technical 6km which drops down into the thickly wooded and gorgeous valley, and the 10km which completes the hike on the sloping fynbos hills with vast sweeping views of the Groenedal mountains and the Sunday's River Valley. 

Relax and Recharge

Soak in the sun and breathe in the peace and tranquility of this amazing natural environment! 

Groendal Nature Reserve

Emerald Pools hike in Groendal Nature Reserve is an unmissable adventure for all hikers. Don't hesitate to ask us more about it.   

Longmore Mountain Biking

Enter Longmore Forest at the gate less than a 10min walk from Sand River Getaway. Note: permits are available from CyclePro in PE.

Mount Ingwe

A short drive up the Elandsvalley Road, Mount Ingwe boasts an Anglo Boer War museum and Quad Bike trips. 

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